Long and busy hours of the day topping with endless red traffic signals take most of the strength out of individuals who face dilemma of either choosing a self cook meal or grab unhealthy fast food munchies everyday. Whereas there are already many online services who offer rich and creamy restaurant food delivered right to the doorstep two questions arise to the concerned and alert mind: one how healthy and second how costly. However many may find the latter question irrelevant provided the convenience the online food ordering has given then the former question is essential to address in order to keep yourself in good shape.  Thank god that we have entrepreneurs who are listening to their heart out and providing the solution for this essential and daily need of feeding yourself with healthy home made food from the convenience of ordering it from your laptop or mobile. Yes there is an online service created for choosing from the menu of multiple home food providers from your local area and food is delivered by professional delivery pilots in stipulated timeline and food arrives at the doorstep hot and ready to relish. SHF have facility of paying using card or netbanking and there is provision of choosing cash of delivery option.

Healthy food is the promise and quality is motto

Teams at SHF are working hard to provide the quality services to the customers and most important of all at the list is healthy food at affordable prices. SHF associate vendors are chosen with utmost care and field visits are arranged to inspect and evaluate the working conditions of the kitchens. The knowledge of the vendor staff on the parameters of their aptitude towards healthy ingredients of food and hygienic conditions of working place is judged during initial visits from SHF delegates to vendor kitchen. These are some of the stringent criteria of vendor selection and management that ensure that the healthy, hygienic and quality food indeed makes a way to all SHF users’ home. SHF is indeed committed to take care of the everyday food needs using the online tool.

Independent reviews help make selection easier

Apart from the quality promises from SHF team website users have freedom of giving unbiased reviews about the food quality and vendor interaction or the services they receive during their transaction. Team SHF makes sure that the concerns of the individuals are taken care of with prompt action swiftly. First time visitors find these independent reviews from verified customers helpful in choosing the food from rated vendors. The review system also helps talented home food kitchen chefs to establish their identity as prominent star chefs and SHF keeps them busy by getting more customers onboard if their ratings are on the rise consistently.

A platform for home kitchen Chefs to start business immediately

Do you have that art of cooking admired by everyone who tasted your food? Are you willing to spare some time for cooking start your own home food business? SHF has got you covered. There is provision of creating a home food kitchen online on the by answering simple questions such as the cuisine type, menu, opening and closing time etc. SHF then runs through the validation phase and after verifying the kitchen condition on parameters of hygienic and healthiness of ingredients the SHF lists you as vendor and users coming to SHF are ready to search you online on the website. Specialized home food cook such as diabetic food providers or vegan food providers are always in demand and if you have caliber to provide such food then do not miss the opportunity rather list yourself today as vendor of simplyhomefood.

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