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Taste of Home Made Food Just a Click Away

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Long and busy hours of the day topping with endless red traffic signals take most of the strength out of individuals who face dilemma of either choosing a self cook meal or grab unhealthy fast food munchies everyday. Whereas there are already many online services who offer rich and creamy restaurant food delivered right to the doorstep two questions arise to the concerned and alert mind: one how healthy and second how costly. However many may find the latter question irrelevant provided the convenience the online food ordering has given then the former question is essential to address in order to keep yourself in good shape.  Thank god that we have entrepreneurs who are listening to their heart out and providing the solution for this essential and daily need of feeding yourself with healthy home made food from the convenience of ordering it from your laptop or mobile. Yes there is an online service created for choosing from the menu of multiple home food providers from your local area and food is delivered by professional delivery pilots in stipulated timeline and food arrives at the doorstep hot and ready to relish. SHF have facility of paying using card or netbanking and there is provision of choosing cash of delivery option.